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Compressed Air Dryers

Humidity is a component of atmospheric air, and can be found in compressed air distribution systems and the machines that use the compressed air in the form of condensate and/or water vapour in the airline. Humidity, in the form of vapor, will follow the compressed air flow all the way to the final product. When it then cools, a part of this humidity present in the compressed air condenses and over time causes serious damage to the distribution network, the machines using the compressed air and the final product.  If that's happening to you it time to fit a compressed air dryer.

Ceccato CDX Refrigerated Air Dryers


We supply Ceccato refrigerated dryers with a dew point of 3°C for normal industrial usage and Ceccato adsorption dryers with a dew point of -40ºC for medical and instrument air usage.  Adsorption dryers are also used when the operating environment temperature of the air compressor is lower than 3ºC.  Ceccato's compressed air dryers are built to stringent quality standards and have a long service life with very little maintenance required.

Ceccato CDX 700 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Ceccato ADS Adsorption Dryer

CDX Refrigerated Air Dryer
Pressure Dew Point 3°C
PDF Brochure Ceccato CDX Refridgerated Dryer Brochure

ADS Adsorption Dryer
Pressure Dew Point down to -70ºC
PDF Brochure Ceccato ADS Adsorption Dryers Brochure



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