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Compressed Air Inline Filters

In some industries, the need for quality compressed air is paramount. Air free of impurities both airborn (dust, vapour, grit) and introduced during compression (oil) is essential. As part of our strategy to attain that, we supply and fit various inline filters depending on the need. We specialize in the Ceccato range on inline filters as well as the Ceccato FOD oil / water seperator. The FOD oil / water separator requires no electrical power and separates the oil from the condensate through a mulitstage filtration process to provide near oil free air.

Ceccato Inline Filters and FOD Oil / Water Separator Ceccato Inline Filter and Accessories
Ceccato FOD PDF Brochure Ceccato FOD PDF Brochure Ceccato Inline Filter PDF Brochure. Ceccato Inline filter brochure


 The growing automation of plants and the use of more and more sophisticated devices requires compressed air,which is  free of these contaminants. Ceccato's inline air filters can hold and remove these polluting agents that damage the regular operation of the production cycle. Below you'll find some common uses of the inline filter configurations.

 Example of a compressed air dryer and inline filter installation


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