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Home Reciprocating DIY & Medium Duty Compressors

D.I.Y. & Medium Duty Piston Compressors

From airbrushing to inflating your flat tyres, we supply D.I.Y and medium duty compressors as well as a full range of air tools for all your home use needs. Below are just some of the air compressors that we supply.  Please feel free to call us or come round to our workshop for more information about getting the right compressor for you.


Fragram DIY Compressor

Ceccato DIY Compressor 24 Litre Tank

Ceccato DIY Compressor 90 Litre Tank

Fragram DIY
1.5kw 220v
50ltr tank

Ceccato DIY
1.5kw 220v
240 ltrs/min
24 ltr tank

Ceccato DIY
1.5kw 220v
240 ltrs/min
90 ltr tank

IMPORTANT!! When buying a compressor for home use, cheapest is not always best.  Some vendors supply air compressors that have no after market support in this country, so when they break, they stay broke.  At Plant Services we offer a full range of spares for our machines and technical support for years to come.



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Plant Services

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